The digital revolution for work instructions and procedures.

Proceedix is a platform that makes procedures and instructions mobile. Employees who do not work at a desk, such as operators, stay up to date via tablets, smartphones and smart glasses.

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Origis Energy

Clean energy within reach.

As a strong believer in renewable energy, Thinc.Capital co-founded Origis Energy in 2008 with the current management. After achieving rapid & impressive growth, Origis became a top 5 player in the US and was sold to management backed by Global Atlantic (part of KKR).

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Craftmanship in air technology.

Thinc.Capital supported the management buy-out of Typhoon in 2010. After 4 years of closely working together and realizing significant growth, Thinc.Capital successfully sold their stake back to management in 2014.

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Smart living solutions since 1960.

Paul Thiers started at Unilin in 1982 and was co-CEO & shareholder of the Unilin Group until the sale to Mohawk Industries in 2005.

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