Specialist in renovation & refurbishment.

Since 2007 Mortier has stood for a total approach to renovations. The team has years of experience in interior architecture and renovation. That is immediately the strength of Mortier as a contractor: the combination of design and execution within the same company.

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High profile talent recruitment.

Thinc.Capital co-founded Altior together with experienced HR entrepreneurs. Together, we managed to become a leading executive search company in Belgium.

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Five star luxury resort in Vietnam.

In 2008, Thinc.Capital started the construction of Amanoi together with like-minded entrepreneurs. With sustainable local partnerships, this beautiful luxury resort has been realized and has already won numerous awards.

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Arctic Fox

Addressing the growing demand in aesthetic medicine.

In order to support Arctic Fox' strong growth, Thinc.Capital subscribed to a funding round in 2021.

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Technical integrator and service provider

In 2022, Thinc.Capital invested in DECAT (empowering places). Together with the CEO Lieven Decat, we aim to take the company to the next level with committed industry experience and financial resources.

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Building partner from brainstorm to delivery.

In 2014, Thinc.Capital supported the management buy-out of Furnibo. Together with the dedicated entrepreneur behind Furnibo, we realized (and continue to realize) the strong growth ambitions of the company.

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Develop Different.

Thinc.Capital co-founded ION in 2011 with 2 bright & dedicated entrepreneurs. We continue to focus on realizing our growth ambitions, both in Belgium and abroad.

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Smart glasses for industrial use.

In order to support Iristick's growth plan, Thinc.Capital subscribed to a funding round in 2017.

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The disruptive real estate companion.

Thinc.Capital co-founded March and financially & strategically supports the dedicated entrepreneur behind March. Together, we aim to streamline and disrupt the commercial real estate brokerage model.

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MM Estate

Delivering outstanding projects for the next generation.

Thinc.Capital supports the 2 ambitious entrepreneurs behind MM Estate. Together, we aim to deliver outstanding projects based on a combination of expertise, committed industry experience & financial resources.

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Renewable energy for buildings.

Thinc.Capital co-founded Noven and financially & strategically supports the bright entrepreneurs behind Noven. Together, we want to develop the optimal energy solution for your building.

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The app that saves you money.

In order to support ROOV's growth plan, Thinc.Capital subscribed to a funding round in 2021.

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Urban Crops

Hyper efficient indoor farming.

Thinc.Capital supports the growth of Urban Crops Solutions. In 2016, Paul Thiers joined the Advisory Board of Urban Crops Solutions.

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Aluminum & Wood.

Thinc.Capital supported a management buy-out by the 3rd Verhulst generation. Together, we aim to take Verhulst to the next level with committed industry experience and financial resources. This combination enables Verhulst to realize their growth ambitions.

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